Machias Savings Bank

Life is full of exceptional moments.

Project Overview
Since 1869, Machias Savings Bank has been fostering long-lasting customer relationships throughout the state of Maine. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service while staying true to their small town roots—and when they wanted to reinforce their position as the most exceptional bank in Maine by refreshing their brand experience, they turned to blu.

Project Development
Interviews, database analysis and observation all yelled one thing: the people at Machias truly exceed customer expectations. Most people talk about it, few truly do it. And only one word captured the spirit of the banking relationship: Exceptional.

As a community bank that prides itself on being customer-centric, highlighting the human and personal nature of the bank was key. So the new brand features local lifestyle imagery that builds a strong emotional connection as well as a laid back tone of voice with a hint of Maine’s spunky personality.

Launching the brand also included zeroing in on specific customers and prospects that had the most to gain from a relationship with Machias Savings Bank.

What happened next? Exceptional return on investment in the form of more profitable customers and prospects.

“Blu sets the new standard for creative, analytical, and strategic digital and social implementation. Together our teams have produced successful campaigns, but we fully believe the best is yet to come.” William L. Koleszar

Chief Marketing Officer, American Family Care

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